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In 2015 Brazil expressed the interest in presenting in the coming years the candidacy of a set of 19 historical fortifications to world heritage.
This initiative triggered a discussion about the current demands in the management of this type of cultural heritage that can be decisive for the preservation not only of the strong involved, but of all those existing, still built, in ruins or as archaeological, throughout the national territory.
In the main intention of collaborating with public and private agents, the LTDS and ICOFORT, in association, propose this event, whose discussions and results can help managers, institutions, companies and researchers in future actions in favor of Brazilian fortifications and in the consolidation of the military tourism market as a segment in Brazil.

1. Sustainable use
2. Conservation and maintenance
3. Knowledge Management
4. Memory and Heritage
5. Tourist use
6. Disclosure and valuation
7. Interpretation of heritage
8. Heritage education
9. Certifications of heritage destinations
10. Entrepreneurship and innovation
11. Shared management and popular participation
12. Public-private partnerships


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The Laboratory of Technology and Social Development of the area of Management and Innovation of the Graduate Program in Production Engineering - PEP of COPPE / UFRJ, coordinated by Prof. Roberto Bartholo, carries out activities that seek to unite the academic reflection to the confrontation of social deficiencies , Attracting and training professionals interested in applying ethical-evaluative criteria to the creation, management and evaluation of innovative models of intervention and development.

Since 2011, the LTDS has been carrying out activities in close collaboration with the Brazilian Army, through the Diretoria do Patrimônio Histórico e Cultural do Exército - DPHCEx, having produced research and projects on fortified heritage, tourism in military memories sites, cultural management, institutional memory, and other issues, allowing an understanding of the peculiarities and specificities of military institutions and military heritage.

This experience, built over the last six years of association between the LTDS and the DPHCEX, provided a dense learning and indicated specific forms of action in relation to the sustainable tourist use of the patrimonial assets that are in the custody of the Army and on the refunctionalization of these heritage, in particular of the fortifications.


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ICOFORT (International Scientific Committee on Fortifications and Military Heritage) is a committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), a UNESCO advisory body responsible for evaluating proposals for the registration of cultural objects on the World Heritage List. ICOFORT's mission is to research, promote professional exchange and foster international cooperation for the identification, protection and preservation of structures, fortifications, landscapes and installations linked to the memory of nations and the socioeconomic transformations generated by historical moments of a military character.
ICOFORT holds meetings in several countries each year to discuss themes of relevance and interact with the local experiences of the host country, as well as to participate as a partner and supporter in various events. He has held meetings in Spain (2007), Poland (2007), Canada (2008), Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands / St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John, Caribbean (2010), Italy (2012), Cuba (2013), Turkey (2013), India (2015), Mexico (2015) and Uruguay (2016). On each occasion, experts from different countries contribute local institutions and researchers in the search for solutions, make possible international partnerships in projects, and spread the discussions and good practices found in the country that hosts the event.

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Roberto Tonera

Adriana Careaga

Adler Homero

Elcio Secomandi

Jandira Neto

Management, Innovation and Tourism in Fortifications


06 - 08 November 2017

CEP / Forte  Duque de Caxias, Praia do Leme

Rio de Janeiro , Brasil




Rose Norat

Antonio Hoyuela

Cyro Corrêa Lyra

Riichi Miyake

Roberto Carrillo

  • Milagros Flores - ICOFORT

  • Roberto Bartholo - UFRJ

  • José Claudio dos Santos - ICOFORT / UFRJ

  • Flavia Mattos - UFRJ

  • Marcos Albuquerque - UFPE

  • Marisa Egrejas - UFRJ

  • Roberto Tonera - UFSC

  • Vera Borges - UNIRIO

  • Coordenador: Roberto Bartholo

  • Edgley de Paula

  • Flávia Mattos

  • Joel Correa

  • José Claudio dos Santos

  • Marcelo de Mello Ribeiro

  • Marisa Egrejas





José Hayakawa

Marisa Egrejas

Flavia Mattos

Dolores Pineda

José Claudio dos Santos

Juan Sureda

Edgley de Paula

Manuel Vila

Marcelo de Mello

Joel Correa

Henri Torres

Marco Pinto

Álvaro Alves



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